What Gift Will You Give Yourself This Year?

Uncategorized Jan 06, 2021

We did it!  We made it through the year 2020, we made it through the holidays, and now we are on to tackling 2021.  During the past year I would often hear people talking about getting back to “normal”.  Well, I’d like to invite you, dear reader, to entertain the idea of moving forward to a better, bolder, new way of living in a new world!

What gift will you give yourself this year?  For me, I am creating a healthier lifestyle.  Goals that I have for myself include trying my hand at a vegetable garden again this year, being mindful of the things that go into my body – foods, drinks, body care products, and expanding my spiritual health through meditation and other practices.

I know…it sounds like a pretty typical list of new year resolutions doesn’t it.  But for some reason they are resonating differently for me.  Maybe it is because of some things I learned over the past year, things I was reminded of, or maybe it is because this time I KNOW that the time is right for me to set these intentions.

My husband, Jim, and I are beginning to talk about retirement.  Retirement looks a lot different for Jim than for me.  He will be leaving his J-O-B.  For me, I will be transitioning parts of my current practice so that I will be able to have more flexibility with time and location.  Now don’t worry…I am not deserting anyone.  I have a vision of what it will look like but nothing concrete at the time of this writing.

More importantly, when discussing retirement, we both want to be able to fully enjoy all that our retirement years have to offer.  So, we both have a little work to do to create our better, bolder, new reality.  And by setting my goals of gardening, being mindful of choices and meditating I will be heading in a healthier direction so that I am ready for retirement.  (And hopefully Jim comes along for the ride!)

How about you?  Do you find yourself in a similar place in your life?  Perhaps you aren’t quite ready for retirement, but you have that feeling in your gut that this is the year to make some changes?  Maybe you aren’t quite sure how to get started?  Do you need an accountability partner?  Are you looking for some new ideas of ways to attack health challenges in your life?  If any of these questions resonate with you check out my FREE Guide to Helping Your Body Heal Itself for a place to start.

I am beyond excited to witness the growth of not only myself, but my clients as well as we take on challenges this year that bring us to a healthier more vibrant place.  Hope to see you there.

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